How Essendon helped a business owner with ‘much more than accounts’

Antony Tolson from Infiniti Systems Limited runs a successful computer reseller company and has been working with Essendon partner Roger for 12 years.

The personal touch

Essendon are the ‘right fit’ for Infiniti Systems Limited. Small enough to retain the personal approach, and large enough to handle all his business needs.

“With regular accountancy firms, you never get to speak to the same person twice and you end up having to explain something to a different person each time. Continuity is a big strength. Roger sees his team as an extension of his family and shares relevant information about my business with them. There’s a very personal touch, and for a company my size, that’s really important.”

Essendon is different

Running a computer company, Antony appreciates that there are things he doesn’t understand fully about tax and accounts. Giving Essendon the power to take care of everything offers reassurance and total peace of mind.

“But it’s not just the everyday accounts and HMRC enquiries. When we needed company insurance, Roger had a network of contacts he could draw upon to help. And he didn’t just put me in touch with them. As he understands my business fully, I was able to leave this to Essendon to put in place. I didn’t even have to sign the paperwork!”

As a company Infiniti Systems Limited has diversified into the property sector. In the beginning, Antony had the funds and knew what he wanted to achieve but didn’t know how to put the mechanisms into place. Through Essendon’s connections, Antony was introduced to a buying agent – who is now employed by the company to purchase properties.

Going the extra mile

When Antony needed to create a shareholders agreement with Companies House, Essendon arranged a meeting with a local solicitor and ensured all of Antony’s needs were met.

“When Roger discovered my wife and I did not have wills, he wouldn’t let us leave the boardroom until I agreed to put one in place! He didn’t just pass me the name of a contact. He arranged a meeting, came along with us and made sure everything was dealt with correctly. They definitely go the extra mile.”


“Roger is easily accessible. He’ll always pick up the phone, respond to emails quickly and texts me. Sometimes I’ll meet Roger for a chilled chat in a coffee shop, or if I need a more formal setting with a client or HMRC, Roger will arrange a meeting to suit my needs. Essendon are very versatile. Roger and his team are intuitive, they listen and they ask the right questions. If I get a scary brown envelope drop on my mat on a Saturday morning, I don’t have to worry all weekend. I know that Roger will pick up the phone and offer me reassurance. He’s a really good guy who wants to help.”

You can trust Essendon

“Hands on, thorough, friendly, risk averse, ethical, accurate, respectful of rules, traditional and honest! They aren’t some fly-by-night accountants who make you promises and push the boundaries – getting you into trouble. You can trust Essendon to do the right thing and be on your side. I call them ‘value added accountants’ as the things they’ve helped my business with do not fall into the role of a traditional accountant.”

It‘s just their way

“Absolutely. If you’re a start-up finding your way and not sure what it is you need, you’re an established business or you need specialist advice, Essendon can help you from all aspects – it’s just their way.”