Essendon Newsletter Spring 2020

The Business Godparent Issue 6Welcome to the 6th edition of The Business Godparent!

Life regularly throws curved balls, and by Jove the UK is tackling a few this year. What with Brexit, floods, and Covid-19, it’s certainly been turbulent, to say the least. But it’s worth remembering we’re all in this together and we will overcome these challenges; it’s what we’re good at.

In this edition of The Business Godparent we cover how to protect your business against cyber-attack, scams you should be aware of, and on a brighter subject, what we’re looking forward to doing when the Coronavirus is all over! Cashflow is also very important at this time, and that’s what we’re focussing on in our Foresight column.

We are joined by Andrew Franklin from HSBC on our Red Sofa as he talks about supporting local businesses and how to maximise your relationship with your bank manager.

So, why not relax for a bit now and put a little time aside with a coffee to have a read of this latest issue of The Business Godparent? Once again we hope you’ll find it packed full of useful tips to help you tackle the weird and wonderful world of accounting, and give you the odd smile too.

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