Essendon Newsletter Winter 2020

Welcome to the 5th edition of The Business Godparent!

As another decade begins, the theme of this issue is looking forward into 2020. We approached four gurus on the subjects of the web, finance, innovation, and technology to find out what they thought 2020 would bring. Or if you’re thinking of starting out on a new venture, check out our top ten tips!

We are joined by Sarah Canning of Franklins Solicitors on our Red Sofa as she explains about her work as a solicitor and gives some advice when facing a dispute.

So, why not relax for a bit now and put a little time aside with a coffee to have a read of this latest issue of The Business Godparent? Once again we hope you’ll find it packed full of useful tips to help you tackle the weird and wonderful world of accounting, and give you the odd smile too.

Helpful hint:

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