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New Year. New Ideas. New thoughts from The Business Godparent

There’s no doubt that 2019 is going to be a challenging year for SMEs. With so much uncertainty around Brexit things are going to be tough for a while. But that’s where small businesses truly come into their own. Fast thinking = Agile decision making = Enhanced credibility and engaged customers. And at Essendon we reckon one of the key components to helping organisations achieve this over the coming months will be superb accounting support and guidance.

Let us introduce you, therefore, to our latest initiative for helping SMEs thrive. The Business Godparent. It’s a publication that aims to provide business owners with valuable updates, guidance on technology, and friendly support. With interactive video clips, useful articles, and fun snippets, you’ll only ever be one click away from fabulous tips and quirky thoughts that we hope will inspire you with innovative ideas.

Helpful hint:

To watch the video content on the newsletter, simply download the Layar app to your mobile device. Launch the app and scan the pages of the newsletter where you see the ‘scan me’ icon.  Then, as if by magic, you will see video content where there were once static images!





So let us help you hit 2019 running. We’re ready to meet the challenges ahead; join us and let’s tackle them together!